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Restore Your Shine & Remove Imperfections


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Professional Paint Correction Services

Our Paint Correction Service Includes:

  • Foam Hand Wash

  • Deironization & Decontamination of Paint

  • Clay Bar Treatment (if applicable)

  • Mechanical Compound Buff

  • Mechanical Polishing

  • Final Wipe Down

  • Exterior Trim Treatment

  • Cleaning of Exterior Windows

  • Final Quality Check/Corrections







  • Turnaround Time: 6 - 18 Hours

NOTE: The initial cost of this service is based on Paint Correction for a vehicle in average condition. Prices may vary depending on the overall state of the vehicle. Factors that may lead to an increase in price include excessive dirt, mud, stains, overspray, and paint damage, among other factors.

How Extreme Detail does Exterior Detailing Differently



Transparency & Honesty

At Extreme Detail, we pride ourselves on being candid with our clients and being trustworthy. We place a high importance on clear pricing and open communication so that our clients know exactly what to expect from our services. There are no hidden fees or charges; just honest, reliable information. We place a high value on integrity and strive to win each client's trust by providing them with excellent service from start to finish.


Courtesy Pick-up/Drop-off

To ensure that our clients feel at ease, we at Extreme Detail go above and beyond. With our gratis pick-up and delivery service, we make detailing simpler. Whether you are at home or at work, we will come to you and return your vehicle in pristine condition. Keep yourself at ease while we handle the rest. Your happiness is our top priority!


Meticulous Attention to Detail

At Extreme Detail, we take great satisfaction in paying attention to even the smallest of details. Every square inch of the interior and exterior of your car is thoroughly cleaned and restored by our highly qualified technicians. From door handles to dashboards, we strive for perfection in every aspect of our detailing services. Check out the difference our precision and focus on detail can make for your car.

Revitalize Your Ride: Paint Correction for Lasting Brilliance

For car owners who want their car's exterior to look good and last longer, paint correction is a must-have service, especially when done meticulously. This painstaking procedure not only gives the car a durable sheen, but it also greatly improves its visual attractiveness, bringing it to a level that rivals that of a showroom.

One major advantage of high-level paint correction is that it may eliminate surface flaws including swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and other blemishes. These typical problems can be eliminated without repainting if a professional technician levels the surface by meticulously cleaning the paint. In addition to bringing back the paint's sheen, this steps prepares it for a protective coating, which can make the finish last longer and be more resistant to things like bird droppings, road salt, and ultraviolet light.

Additionally, a vehicle's resale value can be greatly increased with paint correction. An immaculately presented vehicle might fetch a premium price since it entices more customers. The vehicle stands out in a crowded marketplace because to its visual appeal and the guarantee of well-maintained paint.

A thorough paint correction is an investment in more than simply aesthetics. Those that care about their cars' resale value and aesthetic appeal over the long haul should consider this option.

Why is Paint Correction Important?

Paint correction is an essential component of automotive maintenance that serves a purpose beyond superficial improvement. It contributes significantly to the maintenance and preservation of the aesthetic appeal and overall worth of a vehicle. This is why it is crucial:

1. Revitalizes Paint: Automobile paint becomes tarnished from environmental factors such as road grime, avian droppings, sun exposure, and dirt. These elements may result in a worn and drab appearance of the paint. With great attention to detail, paint correction refines the paint layer by eliminating oxidation, swirl marks, and minute flaws. A vibrant, lustrous finish is achieved, which accentuates the inherent depth and color of the paint.

2. Enhances Paint Durability: Paint correction effectively eliminates minute fissures containing contaminants that may accumulate, thereby preventing subsequent corrosion and damage. The improved adhesion of protective coatings is due to the finer surface of adjusted paint. This extends the paint's lifespan by safeguarding it against further deterioration.

3. Augments Vehicle Resale Value: Prospective purchasers are more inclined to find an immaculately maintained automobile. A vehicle's aesthetic allure can be substantially enhanced through paint correction, thereby distinguishing it in the fiercely competitive resale industry. A higher resale value may result from this, which makes paint correction a prudent investment.

4. Mitigates Further Adverse Effects Consistent paint correction can avert the necessity for subsequent costly and more extensive repairs. By preserving the paint's integrity, the risk of corrosion and other severe problems that could necessitate complete repainting is reduced.

Paint correction serves a purpose beyond mere aesthetic improvement; it entails a holistic approach to maintaining and safeguarding the exterior of the vehicle, thereby augmenting its longevity and visual appeal.

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